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gel nail polishGel Nail Polish  is the latest and hottest trend in nail fashion and the nail artists use it to create a pretty nail finish with a cool fingernail art. The gel nail polish is a lacquer which is light sensitive and it dries easily and fast with an UV Nail lamp or a LED Nail Lamp. The result is an indestructible and ultra glossy finish. The most excellent fact is that the manicure will last up to two or three weeks.

When it comes to applications the gel polishes and traditional nail polishes part ways in the nail fashions. The traditional nail polish paint job is odorous and dries very slowly. Unlike a traditional nail polish, a gel nail polish at home goes on with the brush and is removed by soaking the nails. Gel polishes come with special brushes, wide range of colors and finishes and after every layer of polish, including a base coat and it is cured with a LED or UV Nail Lamp. Remember, if you want to get the best curing results, it is better to use an advanced LED Nail Lamp for curing process.

Though the gel nail polish is mostly used in the nail salons, it is very easy to use and handle. So no matter who you are, an individual or a professional, you can use the Gel Nail Polish on professional use or to do a home pedicure and manicure to your fingernails without having any preceding experiences in using these Gel Nail Polishes.

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CND Shellac Top and Base “Set Of 2”

Gel Nail Polish At HomeCND  Shellac provides a superior grip layer to nails.  It is a latest revolutionary high quality UV Gel Nail Polish color service for your nails.

It stays chip – free up to 14 days and is more shinier than several other nail polish you can get in the salon or store.  Shellac is very easy to remove ( you don’t need acetone to remove).

“CND Shellac is an amazing brand. For all who loves hot nails!”



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Katy Perry Gel Nail PolishThis OPI gel polish is very long lasting and it looks stunning on every nails.

It can be used on top of another color or alone (2 coats is recommended). A superb pink glitter that you will love it!

“I’m  totally in love with this color! It looks very hot and sexy. It’s one of my favorites, I you love beautiful nails, you will love this products!”



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Harmony Gelish UV Soak Off Gel Polish

Gel nail polish for homePerfect UV Soak Off Gel Polish for home manicure and pedicure, Long lasting (up to 21 days), chip resistant, soak completely off in only 10 -15 minutes.

You will only need max 2 coats for a beautiful deep color. Hight Quality product.

“If you haven’t already test Gelish in the past, I recommend that  you do! I will never again put standart polish on again! It last as long as 2 weeks which is great!”


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Shany Cosmetics Gel Polish – UV Color Gel Set Of 24 Colors

gel nail polish kitsThis amazing gel nail kit contain 24 Stunning colors: pink, greenish, gold, silver, purple, etc. It must be cured under UV nail light and it will last over 14 days. Quality dry formula with glitter frenzy inside. This kit is ideal to be used on your natural nails.

“This one is truly amazing products! There is so many beautiful colors to choose from. It’s also tiny enough for traveling.! “


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Couture Gel Nail Polish Kit With UV Nail Lamp

gel nail kits with lampThe Couture Gel Nail Polish kit comes with  great UV nail lamp, base coat, top coat, manicure kit, instructional DVD and one color of your choice. Gel polish dried instantly and last up to 21 days!

I would recommend this amazing gel nail kit to anyone that requests stunning looking nails that won’t chip several weeks.

“I get this kit a few months ago and I love it so much!. I tottaly recommend this products! “


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Gel Nail Polish benefits:

Gel nail polish has number of benefits when compared with the standard nail polishes; even don’t have to follow the fast drying and chip resistant formulas. Skilled nail artists can add length via using gel polishes and any person can use the nail polish products in a customary paint on manner.

Quick drying is the main benefit of Gel polishes as they dry within a few seconds or few minutes with the “curing” light. The quick drying aspect is ideal for wearing gloves after a manicure or putting on closed toed shoes after a pedicure. These lights are excellent for hardening gel polishes without burning the skin. These gels also can be applied without a curing light as they are drying quickly with no smudging and no dents.

The application process of the Gel Nail Polish is awfully easy and self leveling. So you do not need to smooth the fingernails after the polish is applied. Gel polish gets rid of ridges and bumps automatically.  Also the gel polish is the perfect manicure and pedicure choice for winter and it will never smear, smudge or chip.

Another important benefit is that the Gel polishes can embrace their shine and last up to two or three weeks without chipping or marring. You can get a range of colors to choose at your choice and from bold to neutrals you will be able to change your nail look in no time. Also the gel nail polish will actually strengthen the natural nails and best of all the Gel Nail Polishes are entirely free of chemicals which are harmful to your nails and body as well.

So now you know all the specialties, details and benefits of the Gel Nail Polish. When you purchase a Gel Nail Polish, try your best to buy a high quality brand through a trustworthy seller as there are many FAKE SELLERS in the costume market who don’t even know about these products. A high quality Gel Nail Polish will not only keep your nails strong and looking excellent, but also will help you to keep your hands well-manicured and well-kept.


Best Gel Nail Kits Products

Gel nail kits for nails that mark your style

If you are a fashion conscious lady who likes to be trendy, then you might love to know about the latest gel nail kits. Your nails get noticed while you communicate, write or type. To have a complete impressive personality, you just cannot afford to miss on keeping your nails clean, polished, well manicured and painted. Gel nail kits are capable to style your nails in varied styles, and artistic pattern to look stunning with an unmatched glamour.


For those who do not know, gel nail kits are simply an alternate to the regular acrylic nail paints. Just like the nail with acrylic paints, gel nails also look very natural and provide strength against nail chipping and breakage. However, gel nails are better than acrylic paints for the fact that they are odorless and do not show lifting that is quite common with acrylic nails. You can get your nails styled with gel nail kits in any beauty or nail salon, or if you have time, you can even order your own gel nail kits for home. The easy to use and compact gel nail kits for home come with accessories like colors and brushes for easy application. Following steps can guide you to use such a kit all by yourself at home:


The first step is to shape your nails with the help of a nail filer to make them look even. You may give them a round or square shape according to your liking. Buff up the top of your nail to remove the natural shine of nails. This is very important as it allows the primer to stick to the nails properly. The nail filer could be used for this purpose too.


Apply a little cuticle oil with a cotton swab on cuticles and push them back with a good quality cuticle pusher. You have to do it exactly in a way as you might have seen the professional manicurists doing it in salons. After this, wash your hands properly as your hands should be clean and dry before the primer is applied. The primer is a part of your gel nail kits for home. An applicator brush is generally included with the primer. Apply the primer on each nail in long and even strokes starting from the cuticle to the tip of the nail.


After the primer has dried completely, apply 2 or 3 coats of gel nail polish provided in the kit. There must be a separate brush included for gel nail polish. Allow 2-4 minutes gap between the coat applications to let it dry completely and make your strokes long and even to avoid any flaw.


After the gel coats have dried, inspect your nails properly. If you find any bubble or irregularity, you can easily correct it by buffing with a nail file. At last wash your hands again to remove any gel powder that might have accumulated because of buffing.


You may find some gel nail kits with lamp that have UV lamp to dry the gel quickly and to make your nails non porous to allow the gel sustain on the nails for longer duration. If you are not comfortable or do not have much time, you can buy the no light gel nail kits as well.

Gel Nail Polish At Home

All you need to know about Gel Nail Polish for Home

Gel Nail PolishFinally there is a product in the market that can make your nails look beautiful and stunningly gorgeous without making them look fake and unrealistic. Yes, you guessed it right; gel nail polish at home is a craze these days in the world of fashion and cosmetics.

Gel nail polish has caught the imagination of fashion conscious women due to many reasons. Some of the reasons are related with the comfort that comes with using the gel polish, for instance; gel nail polish dries really fast that’s why you can apply gel nail polish at home, at any time, even just minutes before an important party. The second and the most important advantage over any ordinary one is that the gel nail polish lasts really long, that means you can keep on wearing your nails even for weeks without any side effects. Furthermore, the quality and finish is just unparalleled when compared with any other product in the market.


Having said that; applying gel polish at home is definitely not the easiest task in the world, that’s one thing that can go against these polish but when you consider the positive things you can easily over look this aspect. Besides, the application of gel nail polish is only a one time procedure in every two or three weeks and you don’t have to apply it every day. To solve the issue you can take the help of any professional saloon, nail tech or some licensed cosmetologist before applying the gel nail polish at home.


The use of UV nail lamps

One thing that really scares the people off right before buying the gel nail polish is the use of UV light for its application. The UV light is basically used for curing the gel nail polish after being applied on the nails. Nail tech saloons generally use UV lamps for this purpose. You can buy your own UV lamp, but selecting the right lamp is something that you should pay attention to, actually it’s not hard to decide, it depends on the usage. If you only require the lamp for your personal use, then you will do fine with a small lamp of about 12W rating, however if you own a big saloon and you have to heavily use it every day, then you need a lamp of higher power ratings. For instance; a lamp of around 54W would be enough to solve your purpose, if you own a saloon. As we have just seen this part is not as technical as it sounds.


The real technical part is the application of the gel nail polish, itself. That’s something that not requires expertise and practice before applying gel nail polish at home. But in the beginning, it’s often advisable to visit a saloon for the gel polish application and learn some tips and tricks from them and see how different things and procedures should be applied such as builder gels, nails gels, gel glue, practice fingers and so on and so forth. Once you become confident that you can apply the gel nail polish at home by your own, then the next step is to buy a gel nail polish and get ready for the dazzlingly beautiful nails. Now that’s something that we all women want, don’t we?


Harmony Gelish UV Soak Off











This beautiful Harmony gelish  is cured under UV nail dryer. It will last up to three weeks, which is awesome. The color is bright pink and it looks just amazing! If you try it, you will love it!

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OPI Nicky Minaj Mini Laquers

lacquer nicky minaj













Nicki Minaj’s spicy and fashionable tones from OPI! Try out this beautiful nail lacquers at home.  Keep in mind that they are 3,75 ml bottles.

If you love OPI lacquers, get this hot product here: Nicky Minaj OPI



OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

opi polish after dark












This OPI after dark is best selling color! For gel nail manicure, you will simply need two coats and you will get fantastic look! This OPI is my favorite color!

Get this #1 selling dark color for best price here: OPI after dark





Find all about Gel Nails At home

Getting your Nail polish look stylish

My gel nails at homeBeing fashionable is what most girls love to do; from dressing stylishly to unique hairstyle and colored finger nail. Don’t you know that finger nail polishing had become an obsession to many women out there, and the traditional way of coloring your nails had been changed to something interesting?

Simply you can make gel nails at home to make your fingers look awesome. Gel nails products are artificial nails that you can use to highlight the shape and length of your natural finger nails. Now, this has become one of the common ways in accessorizing the fingers aside from having fashionable ring to wear.


What Makes Gel Nails at home Fun to use

Just like the ordinary nails, gel nails products almost look the same to your natural polished nails. The only thing that makes them different is; gel nails products come in different designs, colors and lengths. They are made up of polymer powder and monomer liquid, and you can always make extension of your nails anytime of the day by using gel nails products that can be purchased from cosmetic stores. Making your hands look unique can easily be accomplished through changing the color and shape of your nails with the use of gel nails at home. The best thing is that you can do this in less than a few minutes even before going to a party, and you don’t need to spend many hours in a beauty salon just to get your nails done.


By simply purchasing artificial nails, you can have gel nails at home, and you can do it by yourself. Here, you can save your precious time and money. Gel nails products are easy to use, and they are very affordable, so that you can always change your nail color every day depending on your daily mood. All you have to do is; just follow the instructions given to achieve the proper way of changing your nails. Now, who says that having great nails is hard to achieve?


How to remove Gel Nails at home

If you have a problem how to replace your old manicure without damaging your natural nails, you can simply make use of gel nails products help you solve your problem. Using strong solution in removing old manicure can cause your nails to get damage. You can start removing gel nails using special gel nail cleaner to help protect your finger nails getting damage. One good thing that makes this gel nails easy to use is that you don’t need to polish your primary nails. Just top your artificial nails with gel nail polish and you can easily remove your artificial nails instantly.


Another way of accessorizing your nails today are by using acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are just the same with gel nails; both are artificial nails that you can use any time of your desire. The only difference in gel nails and acrylic nails is that you can wear acrylic nails for lasting purposes without replacing it from time to time. Looking at gel nails vs. acrylic nails, we can say that the gels are more natural looking and glossy whereas the acrylics are sturdy and when looking at their durability, acrylic nails tend to be more durable than gel nails. It is much lighter than gel nails and has a natural color that you can use without polishing your original nails. This makes gel nails vs. acrylic nails don’t have in common but in general; both artificial nails are good for finger nails enhancement.


Nail Art Dotting Tools

dotting tool for nail art











This kit contain 5 ended dotting tools with ten unique dotting sizes for your manicure.

If you want this great product, click here: Nail Art Tool



Harmony Gel Cleanser Refill

harmony cleanser












This product is used as a cleanser for removing surface from gel nails and also for nail plate. It comes in 480 ml size. Great price and even better quality!

Get this useful product here: Best Harmony gel cleanser



Professional Soak-Off Nail Wraps, 100 Pack

soak off remover











Great product, that work best for the removal of the gel polish system, Shellac polish and acrylics. It’s awesome to remove gel polish even from toes. Recommended buy!

To get this PRO Wraps, click here: 100Pack Soak-Off Nail Wraps





OPI Gel Nail Polish

OPI gel nail polish kits for beautiful manicure

OPI gel nail polish offers you number of advantages that any other brand never offers, and these marvelous benefits have become the key factor for the popularity of this brand in the entire industry. Are you looking for the best gel nail polish? The most convenient solution for you is OPI gel nail polish and it’s a good choice to choose at your own phase.


When it comes to choosing a gel nail polish, you always face the difficulty of choosing the trustworthy product and now you don’t need to be worried as the world famous OPI Company exclusively offers you a variety of gel nail polish products. Therefore you can choose these products with the peace of mind as they always launch their products after doing proper researches and tests. Another benefit that you can have is the guaranteed satisfaction with the safeguard of this reputable company. Whenever you choose OPI gel nail polish, without any doubt, you are in good hands and that’s another benefit of choosing OPI gel nail polish products.


The benefits of OPI are crystal clear and the main advantage is that they always serve you with the best products and always introduce the most innovative nail care products. OPI gel nail polish at home is long lasting and so you don’t need to rush to your nail salon twice or thrice a week, but once in two- three weeks. In this case your valuable money and as well as your precious time will be saved.



OPI AXXIUM Soak – Off Gel Pretty Pinks & Pales Starter Kit

OPI controls the gel revolution together with these new Axxium Soak – Off Gel System. It is perfect for every occasion that needs long – lasting color. You should try this kit, it has everything you need except the UV nail lamp. Pink colors are gorgeous and very natural looking. You will  love the shine that the final gel coating gives!

OPI Axxium Soak – Off  System kit includes:

OPI gel nail polish kit

– 15 ml Axxium Soak Off Gel Base,

– 15 ml Axxium Soak Off Gel Sealer,

– 15 ml Bond Aid,

– 120 ml N.A.S. 99,

– Colored Gel Lacquer,

– Hawaiian Orchid,  Moon Over Mumbai, Bubble Bath, Strawberry Margarita, Passion, Princesses Rule,

– Artist Series Mini Gel Brush,

– Instructional Brochure, DVD.


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They introduce their products not only for salon use, but for house wives as well. Therefore the OPI gel nail polish comes with ease of use and ease of apply with reducing the chances of being chipped, cracked or smudged after applying it for your nails. This is another most appreciated benefit of this gel nail polish. When it comes to the selection process of an OPI gel nail polish or gel nail kits, you don’t have to consume a lot of your precious time as there are only a few range of gel polishes are available in the market.


OPI Gel Color is another most popular line of gel nail polish and the all can be cured and dried by using UV or LED nail lamp within just 30 seconds. They have offered a narrow range of polishes which shine brightly other than offering a wide range of polishes when compared with other gel nail polishes.  But they offer 28 shades of nail polish in this line; each shade comes with a bright, vivid color that suits your wardrobe.



OPI AXXIUM Color – Fulls Starter Kit

This kit it has all you require for the complete process! OPI Axxium Color kit is planned to be used by home and  professional nail manicurist . So why paying to have this applied at a salon if you can get this done at home? You will also need LED or UV nail lamp (not included).

OPI Axxium Color – Fulls  Starter kit includes:

opi gel nail polish– Soak Off Gel Base

– Soak Off Gel Sealer

– Bond Aid pH Bonding Agent

– N.A.S 99 Nail Antiseptic Spray

– Artist Series Mini Gel Brush

– Axxium Soak-Off Table Top instructions, DVD

– Big Apple Red, Cajun Shrimp, Brisbane Bronze, Russian Navy, Lincoln Park After Dark, I’m Not Really A Waitress.


==>If you like this OPI Kit you can get it HERE: OPI AXXIUM Color Kit.<==



Most of us face so many difficulties when it comes to the removing of gel nail polish, and in these OPI gel nail polish products, they have offered the benefit of quick removal of gel nails at home with only using the formulas such as soak-off gel lacquer. Also it doesn’t require more time to dry like other traditional gel nail polishes, so you don’t have to neglect your daily work. Therefore you can act the role of a responsible mother as you can fulfill your family needs and wants without any troubles.


OPI Acetone Free Polish Remover

OPI has tremendous  products, and this polish remover works fantastically. It is acetone-free and contain Aloe Vera, which is a bonus.


“This is the first nail polish remover that I feel truly makes my nails feel and look better!!!! I love it, just wish it was sold in larger sizes…. “

opi gel nail polish removerGentle formula


– Acetone-free


– Aloe Vera


– Doesn’t damage nails


– Removes nail lacquer quickly and safely without streaking



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 OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover (32 oz)

There is no comparison when it comes to the quality of this nail polish remover. It doesn’t dry out your nails and hands. It smells very pleasant.

“I have very sensitive skin and a lot of nail polish removers irritate it but this stuff doesn’t. It removes my nail polish quickly and completely and smells OK, too. “

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