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Getting your Nail polish look stylish

My gel nails at homeBeing fashionable is what most girls love to do; from dressing stylishly to unique hairstyle and colored finger nail. Don’t you know that finger nail polishing had become an obsession to many women out there, and the traditional way of coloring your nails had been changed to something interesting?

Simply you can make gel nails at home to make your fingers look awesome. Gel nails products are artificial nails that you can use to highlight the shape and length of your natural finger nails. Now, this has become one of the common ways in accessorizing the fingers aside from having fashionable ring to wear.


What Makes Gel Nails at home Fun to use

Just like the ordinary nails, gel nails products almost look the same to your natural polished nails. The only thing that makes them different is; gel nails products come in different designs, colors and lengths. They are made up of polymer powder and monomer liquid, and you can always make extension of your nails anytime of the day by using gel nails products that can be purchased from cosmetic stores. Making your hands look unique can easily be accomplished through changing the color and shape of your nails with the use of gel nails at home. The best thing is that you can do this in less than a few minutes even before going to a party, and you don’t need to spend many hours in a beauty salon just to get your nails done.


By simply purchasing artificial nails, you can have gel nails at home, and you can do it by yourself. Here, you can save your precious time and money. Gel nails products are easy to use, and they are very affordable, so that you can always change your nail color every day depending on your daily mood. All you have to do is; just follow the instructions given to achieve the proper way of changing your nails. Now, who says that having great nails is hard to achieve?


How to remove Gel Nails at home

If you have a problem how to replace your old manicure without damaging your natural nails, you can simply make use of gel nails products help you solve your problem. Using strong solution in removing old manicure can cause your nails to get damage. You can start removing gel nails using special gel nail cleaner to help protect your finger nails getting damage. One good thing that makes this gel nails easy to use is that you don’t need to polish your primary nails. Just top your artificial nails with gel nail polish and you can easily remove your artificial nails instantly.


Another way of accessorizing your nails today are by using acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are just the same with gel nails; both are artificial nails that you can use any time of your desire. The only difference in gel nails and acrylic nails is that you can wear acrylic nails for lasting purposes without replacing it from time to time. Looking at gel nails vs. acrylic nails, we can say that the gels are more natural looking and glossy whereas the acrylics are sturdy and when looking at their durability, acrylic nails tend to be more durable than gel nails. It is much lighter than gel nails and has a natural color that you can use without polishing your original nails. This makes gel nails vs. acrylic nails don’t have in common but in general; both artificial nails are good for finger nails enhancement.


Nail Art Dotting Tools

dotting tool for nail art











This kit contain 5 ended dotting tools with ten unique dotting sizes for your manicure.

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Harmony Gel Cleanser Refill

harmony cleanser












This product is used as a cleanser for removing surface from gel nails and also for nail plate. It comes in 480 ml size. Great price and even better quality!

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Professional Soak-Off Nail Wraps, 100 Pack

soak off remover











Great product, that work best for the removal of the gel polish system, Shellac polish and acrylics. It’s awesome to remove gel polish even from toes. Recommended buy!

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