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Gel nail kits for nails that mark your style

If you are a fashion conscious lady who likes to be trendy, then you might love to know about the latest gel nail kits. Your nails get noticed while you communicate, write or type. To have a complete impressive personality, you just cannot afford to miss on keeping your nails clean, polished, well manicured and painted. Gel nail kits are capable to style your nails in varied styles, and artistic pattern to look stunning with an unmatched glamour.


For those who do not know, gel nail kits are simply an alternate to the regular acrylic nail paints. Just like the nail with acrylic paints, gel nails also look very natural and provide strength against nail chipping and breakage. However, gel nails are better than acrylic paints for the fact that they are odorless and do not show lifting that is quite common with acrylic nails. You can get your nails styled with gel nail kits in any beauty or nail salon, or if you have time, you can even order your own gel nail kits for home. The easy to use and compact gel nail kits for home come with accessories like colors and brushes for easy application. Following steps can guide you to use such a kit all by yourself at home:


The first step is to shape your nails with the help of a nail filer to make them look even. You may give them a round or square shape according to your liking. Buff up the top of your nail to remove the natural shine of nails. This is very important as it allows the primer to stick to the nails properly. The nail filer could be used for this purpose too.


Apply a little cuticle oil with a cotton swab on cuticles and push them back with a good quality cuticle pusher. You have to do it exactly in a way as you might have seen the professional manicurists doing it in salons. After this, wash your hands properly as your hands should be clean and dry before the primer is applied. The primer is a part of your gel nail kits for home. An applicator brush is generally included with the primer. Apply the primer on each nail in long and even strokes starting from the cuticle to the tip of the nail.


After the primer has dried completely, apply 2 or 3 coats of gel nail polish provided in the kit. There must be a separate brush included for gel nail polish. Allow 2-4 minutes gap between the coat applications to let it dry completely and make your strokes long and even to avoid any flaw.


After the gel coats have dried, inspect your nails properly. If you find any bubble or irregularity, you can easily correct it by buffing with a nail file. At last wash your hands again to remove any gel powder that might have accumulated because of buffing.


You may find some gel nail kits with lamp that have UV lamp to dry the gel quickly and to make your nails non porous to allow the gel sustain on the nails for longer duration. If you are not comfortable or do not have much time, you can buy the no light gel nail kits as well.

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