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gel nail polishGel Nail Polish  is the latest and hottest trend in nail fashion and the nail artists use it to create a pretty nail finish with a cool fingernail art. The gel nail polish is a lacquer which is light sensitive and it dries easily and fast with an UV Nail lamp or a LED Nail Lamp. The result is an indestructible and ultra glossy finish. The most excellent fact is that the manicure will last up to two or three weeks.

When it comes to applications the gel polishes and traditional nail polishes part ways in the nail fashions. The traditional nail polish paint job is odorous and dries very slowly. Unlike a traditional nail polish, a gel nail polish at home goes on with the brush and is removed by soaking the nails. Gel polishes come with special brushes, wide range of colors and finishes and after every layer of polish, including a base coat and it is cured with a LED or UV Nail Lamp. Remember, if you want to get the best curing results, it is better to use an advanced LED Nail Lamp for curing process.

Though the gel nail polish is mostly used in the nail salons, it is very easy to use and handle. So no matter who you are, an individual or a professional, you can use the Gel Nail Polish on professional use or to do a home pedicure and manicure to your fingernails without having any preceding experiences in using these Gel Nail Polishes.

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CND Shellac Top and Base “Set Of 2”

Gel Nail Polish At HomeCND  Shellac provides a superior grip layer to nails.  It is a latest revolutionary high quality UV Gel Nail Polish color service for your nails.

It stays chip – free up to 14 days and is more shinier than several other nail polish you can get in the salon or store.  Shellac is very easy to remove ( you don’t need acetone to remove).

“CND Shellac is an amazing brand. For all who loves hot nails!”



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Katy Perry Gel Nail PolishThis OPI gel polish is very long lasting and it looks stunning on every nails.

It can be used on top of another color or alone (2 coats is recommended). A superb pink glitter that you will love it!

“I’m  totally in love with this color! It looks very hot and sexy. It’s one of my favorites, I you love beautiful nails, you will love this products!”



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Harmony Gelish UV Soak Off Gel Polish

Gel nail polish for homePerfect UV Soak Off Gel Polish for home manicure and pedicure, Long lasting (up to 21 days), chip resistant, soak completely off in only 10 -15 minutes.

You will only need max 2 coats for a beautiful deep color. Hight Quality product.

“If you haven’t already test Gelish in the past, I recommend that  you do! I will never again put standart polish on again! It last as long as 2 weeks which is great!”


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Shany Cosmetics Gel Polish – UV Color Gel Set Of 24 Colors

gel nail polish kitsThis amazing gel nail kit contain 24 Stunning colors: pink, greenish, gold, silver, purple, etc. It must be cured under UV nail light and it will last over 14 days. Quality dry formula with glitter frenzy inside. This kit is ideal to be used on your natural nails.

“This one is truly amazing products! There is so many beautiful colors to choose from. It’s also tiny enough for traveling.! “


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Couture Gel Nail Polish Kit With UV Nail Lamp

gel nail kits with lampThe Couture Gel Nail Polish kit comes with  great UV nail lamp, base coat, top coat, manicure kit, instructional DVD and one color of your choice. Gel polish dried instantly and last up to 21 days!

I would recommend this amazing gel nail kit to anyone that requests stunning looking nails that won’t chip several weeks.

“I get this kit a few months ago and I love it so much!. I tottaly recommend this products! “


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Gel Nail Polish benefits:

Gel nail polish has number of benefits when compared with the standard nail polishes; even don’t have to follow the fast drying and chip resistant formulas. Skilled nail artists can add length via using gel polishes and any person can use the nail polish products in a customary paint on manner.

Quick drying is the main benefit of Gel polishes as they dry within a few seconds or few minutes with the “curing” light. The quick drying aspect is ideal for wearing gloves after a manicure or putting on closed toed shoes after a pedicure. These lights are excellent for hardening gel polishes without burning the skin. These gels also can be applied without a curing light as they are drying quickly with no smudging and no dents.

The application process of the Gel Nail Polish is awfully easy and self leveling. So you do not need to smooth the fingernails after the polish is applied. Gel polish gets rid of ridges and bumps automatically.  Also the gel polish is the perfect manicure and pedicure choice for winter and it will never smear, smudge or chip.

Another important benefit is that the Gel polishes can embrace their shine and last up to two or three weeks without chipping or marring. You can get a range of colors to choose at your choice and from bold to neutrals you will be able to change your nail look in no time. Also the gel nail polish will actually strengthen the natural nails and best of all the Gel Nail Polishes are entirely free of chemicals which are harmful to your nails and body as well.

So now you know all the specialties, details and benefits of the Gel Nail Polish. When you purchase a Gel Nail Polish, try your best to buy a high quality brand through a trustworthy seller as there are many FAKE SELLERS in the costume market who don’t even know about these products. A high quality Gel Nail Polish will not only keep your nails strong and looking excellent, but also will help you to keep your hands well-manicured and well-kept.


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