Gel Nail Polish At Home

All you need to know about Gel Nail Polish for Home

Gel Nail PolishFinally there is a product in the market that can make your nails look beautiful and stunningly gorgeous without making them look fake and unrealistic. Yes, you guessed it right; gel nail polish at home is a craze these days in the world of fashion and cosmetics.

Gel nail polish has caught the imagination of fashion conscious women due to many reasons. Some of the reasons are related with the comfort that comes with using the gel polish, for instance; gel nail polish dries really fast that’s why you can apply gel nail polish at home, at any time, even just minutes before an important party. The second and the most important advantage over any ordinary one is that the gel nail polish lasts really long, that means you can keep on wearing your nails even for weeks without any side effects. Furthermore, the quality and finish is just unparalleled when compared with any other product in the market.


Having said that; applying gel polish at home is definitely not the easiest task in the world, that’s one thing that can go against these polish but when you consider the positive things you can easily over look this aspect. Besides, the application of gel nail polish is only a one time procedure in every two or three weeks and you don’t have to apply it every day. To solve the issue you can take the help of any professional saloon, nail tech or some licensed cosmetologist before applying the gel nail polish at home.


The use of UV nail lamps

One thing that really scares the people off right before buying the gel nail polish is the use of UV light for its application. The UV light is basically used for curing the gel nail polish after being applied on the nails. Nail tech saloons generally use UV lamps for this purpose. You can buy your own UV lamp, but selecting the right lamp is something that you should pay attention to, actually it’s not hard to decide, it depends on the usage. If you only require the lamp for your personal use, then you will do fine with a small lamp of about 12W rating, however if you own a big saloon and you have to heavily use it every day, then you need a lamp of higher power ratings. For instance; a lamp of around 54W would be enough to solve your purpose, if you own a saloon. As we have just seen this part is not as technical as it sounds.


The real technical part is the application of the gel nail polish, itself. That’s something that not requires expertise and practice before applying gel nail polish at home. But in the beginning, it’s often advisable to visit a saloon for the gel polish application and learn some tips and tricks from them and see how different things and procedures should be applied such as builder gels, nails gels, gel glue, practice fingers and so on and so forth. Once you become confident that you can apply the gel nail polish at home by your own, then the next step is to buy a gel nail polish and get ready for the dazzlingly beautiful nails. Now that’s something that we all women want, don’t we?


Harmony Gelish UV Soak Off











This beautiful Harmony gelish  is cured under UV nail dryer. It will last up to three weeks, which is awesome. The color is bright pink and it looks just amazing! If you try it, you will love it!

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OPI Nicky Minaj Mini Laquers

lacquer nicky minaj













Nicki Minaj’s spicy and fashionable tones from OPI! Try out this beautiful nail lacquers at home.  Keep in mind that they are 3,75 ml bottles.

If you love OPI lacquers, get this hot product here: Nicky Minaj OPI



OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

opi polish after dark












This OPI after dark is best selling color! For gel nail manicure, you will simply need two coats and you will get fantastic look! This OPI is my favorite color!

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