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OPI gel nail polish kits for beautiful manicure

OPI gel nail polish offers you number of advantages that any other brand never offers, and these marvelous benefits have become the key factor for the popularity of this brand in the entire industry. Are you looking for the best gel nail polish? The most convenient solution for you is OPI gel nail polish and it’s a good choice to choose at your own phase.


When it comes to choosing a gel nail polish, you always face the difficulty of choosing the trustworthy product and now you don’t need to be worried as the world famous OPI Company exclusively offers you a variety of gel nail polish products. Therefore you can choose these products with the peace of mind as they always launch their products after doing proper researches and tests. Another benefit that you can have is the guaranteed satisfaction with the safeguard of this reputable company. Whenever you choose OPI gel nail polish, without any doubt, you are in good hands and that’s another benefit of choosing OPI gel nail polish products.


The benefits of OPI are crystal clear and the main advantage is that they always serve you with the best products and always introduce the most innovative nail care products. OPI gel nail polish at home is long lasting and so you don’t need to rush to your nail salon twice or thrice a week, but once in two- three weeks. In this case your valuable money and as well as your precious time will be saved.



OPI AXXIUM Soak – Off Gel Pretty Pinks & Pales Starter Kit

OPI controls the gel revolution together with these new Axxium Soak – Off Gel System. It is perfect for every occasion that needs long – lasting color. You should try this kit, it has everything you need except the UV nail lamp. Pink colors are gorgeous and very natural looking. You will  love the shine that the final gel coating gives!

OPI Axxium Soak – Off  System kit includes:

OPI gel nail polish kit

– 15 ml Axxium Soak Off Gel Base,

– 15 ml Axxium Soak Off Gel Sealer,

– 15 ml Bond Aid,

– 120 ml N.A.S. 99,

– Colored Gel Lacquer,

– Hawaiian Orchid,  Moon Over Mumbai, Bubble Bath, Strawberry Margarita, Passion, Princesses Rule,

– Artist Series Mini Gel Brush,

– Instructional Brochure, DVD.


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They introduce their products not only for salon use, but for house wives as well. Therefore the OPI gel nail polish comes with ease of use and ease of apply with reducing the chances of being chipped, cracked or smudged after applying it for your nails. This is another most appreciated benefit of this gel nail polish. When it comes to the selection process of an OPI gel nail polish or gel nail kits, you don’t have to consume a lot of your precious time as there are only a few range of gel polishes are available in the market.


OPI Gel Color is another most popular line of gel nail polish and the all can be cured and dried by using UV or LED nail lamp within just 30 seconds. They have offered a narrow range of polishes which shine brightly other than offering a wide range of polishes when compared with other gel nail polishes.  But they offer 28 shades of nail polish in this line; each shade comes with a bright, vivid color that suits your wardrobe.



OPI AXXIUM Color – Fulls Starter Kit

This kit it has all you require for the complete process! OPI Axxium Color kit is planned to be used by home and  professional nail manicurist . So why paying to have this applied at a salon if you can get this done at home? You will also need LED or UV nail lamp (not included).

OPI Axxium Color – Fulls  Starter kit includes:

opi gel nail polish– Soak Off Gel Base

– Soak Off Gel Sealer

– Bond Aid pH Bonding Agent

– N.A.S 99 Nail Antiseptic Spray

– Artist Series Mini Gel Brush

– Axxium Soak-Off Table Top instructions, DVD

– Big Apple Red, Cajun Shrimp, Brisbane Bronze, Russian Navy, Lincoln Park After Dark, I’m Not Really A Waitress.


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Most of us face so many difficulties when it comes to the removing of gel nail polish, and in these OPI gel nail polish products, they have offered the benefit of quick removal of gel nails at home with only using the formulas such as soak-off gel lacquer. Also it doesn’t require more time to dry like other traditional gel nail polishes, so you don’t have to neglect your daily work. Therefore you can act the role of a responsible mother as you can fulfill your family needs and wants without any troubles.


OPI Acetone Free Polish Remover

OPI has tremendous  products, and this polish remover works fantastically. It is acetone-free and contain Aloe Vera, which is a bonus.


“This is the first nail polish remover that I feel truly makes my nails feel and look better!!!! I love it, just wish it was sold in larger sizes…. “

opi gel nail polish removerGentle formula


– Acetone-free


– Aloe Vera


– Doesn’t damage nails


– Removes nail lacquer quickly and safely without streaking



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 OPI Expert Touch Lacquer Remover (32 oz)

There is no comparison when it comes to the quality of this nail polish remover. It doesn’t dry out your nails and hands. It smells very pleasant.

“I have very sensitive skin and a lot of nail polish removers irritate it but this stuff doesn’t. It removes my nail polish quickly and completely and smells OK, too. “

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